You need to make sure you do lots of listening throughout the GCSE course. You will have specific listening lessons, but you need to listen to as much music as possible from a wide range of styles. You need to use the listening materials you get from class, as well as using Auralia, Musition and Bitesize.

Make sure you have gone through and understand the five Areas of Study and three Strands of Learning sections.

The document below is a detailed revision guide with practice listening questions to complete at the end. It contains details about musical eras, orchestras and other music ensembles, the key musical elements and vocabulary directly linking to the GCSE course. There is also guidance on the Do’s and Don’t's for the exam to give you some helpful tips to maximise your success.

In order to complete the practice listening questions at the end of the guide, you will need to make sure you collect theĀ ’Listening Revision Test’ CDs from me.

Year 11 Revision Guide