The five Areas of Study (AoS) are key to the entire GCSE Music course. These, combined with the three Strands of Learning, will be studied in lessons throughout the two years.

You will also need to employ at least two Areas of Study in each of your compositions in Units 2 and 4.

Each link introduces you to each Area of Study, but we will explore these in more depth in class.

Area of Study One – Rhythm and Metre

AoS1 – Rhythm and Metre

Area of Study Two – Harmony and Tonality

AoS2 – Harmony and Tonality

Area of Study Three – Texture and Melody

AoS3 – Texture and Melody

Area of Study Four – Timbre and Dynamics

AoS4 – Timbre and Dynamics

Area of Study Five – Structure and Form

AoS5 – Structure and Form